Pharma and Food get personalized with 3D Printing! (VIDEO)

states Kjeld van Bommel, Senior Researcher at TNO during his interview for JakajimaTV hosted by Pieter Hermans. TNO has been active in the area of 3D Pharma and 3D Food Printing since 2011. Based on its combined knowledge and expertise on 3D printing as well as Pharma and Food, TNO has been able to help organisations to develop exciting new products and services.

About 3D Pharma Printing Conference
3D printing is making a name for itself in medicine manufacturing. While it’s hard to foresee the wholesale replacement of current tablet manufacturing processes, 3D printing is expected to find a place in certain niche medications and in personalised tablets.

For so-called orphan drugs, the inherent versatility of 3D printing is particularly appealing. Rather than the current situation of pharmaceutical companies needing to maintain expensive specialist infrastructure to manufacture medicines of which low numbers are sold, it is theoretically possible to print many different types of tablets by simply changing the powder used, or even by just changing the ‘ink cartridges’ in commercially available 3D printers.

This ink cartridge concept also offers the possibility of decentralising tablet manufacture in certain circumstances. It also opens up the possibility of using 3D printing in personalised medicine – to produce a tablet designed to meet the needs of a single patient, the drug loading, combination of drugs and the release profile of the formulation.

About TNO 
The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is the largest research organisation of the Netherlands dedicated to Applied Scientific Research, and one of Europe’s largest independent research institutes for technological and strategic research and consultancy. As a research partner TNO works for a wide range of companies and industries world-wide.

TNO will also be speaking at the 3D Pharma Printing Conference.

Kjeld van Bommel will be speaking at the 3D Food Printing Conference.

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