GPP Support is content partner of the 3D Pharma Printing Conference

GPP Support and Jakajima, the organizer of the annual 3D Pharma Printing Conference, have agreed to work together regarding this conference, which will be held for the fifth time in 2022. The conference is part of the two day 3D Medical Printing Series.

About GPP Support
GPP Support aspires to be the number one solution partner for hospitals and other healthcare institutions to optimise the pharmaceutical care in all its aspects. As an independent party, GPP Support works with pharmacists and management of institutional and hospital pharmacies, boards of directors and pharmaceutical and technology companies.

We focus on implementing innovative solutions such as Closed Loop Medication Systems, Bedside Pharmacy Solutions, 3D medicines printing and Hospital Pharmacy Systems and AI applications.

Medication safety is a guiding theme in our work. We believe in making medication services safer in an organisation that is geared to its task and knows where it is going. Together with a network of experienced project and interim managers, we offer a structural solution for any issue within our field of expertise. No customer comes back to us … with the same question!

The conference is part of the two 3D Medical Printing Series, which consists of the following conferences, 3D Bioprinting Conference, 3D Medtech Printing Conference, 3D Dental Printing Conference and the 3D Pharma Printing Conference.

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