Additive Manufacturing: Unlocking Pharma’s Unmet Challenges

Jae Yoo

A presentation by Jae Yoo, CTO of Aprecia Pharmaceuticals. He is serving as Chief Technology Officer for Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, LLC since August 2018. His 3DP journey started at MIT in the early 1990’s where he developed and used an inkjet printing based 3DP process to fabricate advanced ceramic materials with compositional gradient.

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Additive Manufacturing of Tablets

Christoph Hüls

presentation by Christoph Hüls, Founder Additive Manufacturing of Tablets, Merck Innovation Center, Merck KGaA

Additive Manufacturing of Tablets has the potential to simplify the manufacturing of pills (tablets). Instead of a multistep complicated process, a three step process (mixing a powder formulation, printing the tablets in the printer and coating of the tablets) will lead to cost and time savings for customers.

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Challenges and opportunities of 3D-printed drugs for the hospital pharmacy

Josep Guiu

presentation by Josep M Guiu, Head of pharmaceutical planning and pharmacotherapy coordination at the Catalan Health and Social Care Consortium in Barcelona, Spain.

There is a huge potential of 3D printing to revolutionise clinical pharmacy practice with the development of a new generation of personalized compounded drugs. The implementation of a 3D printer into a hospital pharmacy could make possible to individualize shapes, sizes and dosages of several oral drugs to patients.

However, its implementation needs the collaboration of hospital pharmacists with pharmaceutical scientists and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as to define a new regulatory framework for these new drugs.


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