Options to implement digital printing of medicines in clinical practice

The advantages of digital printing of medicines are obvious. With this technology, it is now possible to flexibly print the individually necessary and prescribed dose on demand. Several active ingredients can also be freely combined – compounded. The number of tablets a patient takes decreases, adherence and compliance increase. The process is also much more efficient and saves resources than pressing or encapsulating drugs.

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Additive Manufacturing of Tablets

Christoph Hüls

presentation by Christoph Hüls, Founder Additive Manufacturing of Tablets, Merck Innovation Center, Merck KGaA

Additive Manufacturing of Tablets has the potential to simplify the manufacturing of pills (tablets). Instead of a multistep complicated process, a three step process (mixing a powder formulation, printing the tablets in the printer and coating of the tablets) will lead to cost and time savings for customers.

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